(Stranger Than Truth by David Bishop is the first of (so far) four Crime Chronicles released by Big Finish Productions.)

Synopsis: Eliza Blunt is on a visit to Mega City One from Brit Cit hoping to get an interview with famed author Truman Caput (best known for his creation Slick Dickens).  However death seems to follow in the footsteps of Ms Blunt when she is witness to several murders by Slick Dickens himself, who appears to have stepped out of the pages of fiction and into reality.  Dredd investigates and discovers that he is top of Dickens hitlist.

Review: Stranger Than Truth is a story I have very mixed feelings about. While entertaining to listen to I did at times find that having a cast of two people meant my mind started to wander.  The plot twist at the end is one that you either won’t see coming, or will guess straight away if you have seen a certain film which uses the exact same twist. Toby Longworth is absolutly superb as Dredd and it is testament to him that whenever I read the strip it is his voice I hear coming out of those speech bubbles. Music and sound effects are also very good giving a constant background to the story which stops it from being just two people reading aloud.

I guess your enjoyment of this is really going to depend on whether or not you guess the plot twist. If like me you do, then you’ll probably find it a bit to long with not enough detours to maintain your interest. If you don’t then there is certainly plenty here to enjoy and to keep you guessing.