I have a confession to make. When I first read a Sinister Dexter strip I really didn’t like it and subsequently I decided not to read any of the Sin/Dex strips that followed.  When I eventually did decide to give them another shot I found myself pleasently suprised. Turns out that the first strip I read was just a poor strip and that Sin/Dex was actually a really fun read (the offending strip was “The Why-Shaped Cut”). So pretty soon afterwards I got hold of the first Sin/Dex trade “Gunshark Vacation”.

What immediatly struck me was the way in which the very first Sin/Dex strips were written. The majority of this trade is made up of one shot stories instead of the multi parters we are used to today. In many ways this actually worked in introducing the characters to the reader. Giving us lots of one off stories week after week meant that the pace was always kept up without getting bogged down with a lengthy story to begin with. Of course this also means that we don’t get any real insight into the world in which Sinister and Dexter live in but when your having this much fun reading a strip who cares. Right at the end of the trade we are treated to the eight parter “Gunshark Vacation” which proved that Sin/Dex could actually handle long stories just as well.

Simon Davies art is a real divider of opinion. Its distinctive theres no doubt about that but it suits some strips better than others. Fortunatly Sin/Dex is a strip which his art fits really well (just check out the holo shirt Sinister wears in Gunshark Vacation). If your not a fan of Davies art though then I admit you are going to struggle to read through anything drawn by him. But for me the strips drawn by him are the highlight of this trade.

If you’ve never read Sinister Dexter before then I would recommend you pick up a copy of “Gunshark Vacation” (it can be bought pretty cheaply from ebay or Amazon). It may not be the most though provoking thing you will ever read…but if two wisecracking hitmen shooting bad guys in a near future city is your thing then you can’t go wrong.