Zombies – Now they’re not usually my thing at all. In recent years there has been an oversaturation of Zombie stories and products out there, none of which I’v ever enjoyed. Defoe on the other hand is an instant classic. 

Its the year 1666 (the title is a bit of a give way) and a great comet passes over London. Shortly after the dead start to rise and begin to wreak havoc.  Tasked to defend London is Zombie Hunter General (and former roundhead) Titus Defoe and his team of misfits and renegades.  Defoe is a very interesting character, Zombie hunting isn’t just a job for him, its personal. Haunted by his past and with nothing left to live for he hacks his way through the Zombie hordes like a man possessed. His background is a particularly tragic one having lost his wife and child as well as having been mentally scarred on the field of battle. One of the really interesting things about the Defoe strips is the attention to historical detail (although this shouldn’t come as a suprise as it is Pat Mills on writing duties). Within these pages you will see the likes of Charles II, Issac Newton, John Dee, and even Oliver Cromwell (who returns from the dead to lead the Zombie hordes.) All of these famous faces and battles really help to bring Defoe’s world to life.

The art by Leigh Gallagher (who lets be clear is most certainly not a woman) is absolutly extrordinary. There is just so much detail that he puts into his work which makes even the most mundane of panels leap out of the page. In fact having read through this trade im convinced that Gallagher must get no sleep while drawing these strips such is the level of detail with which he draws. All the art is in black and white and its a good thing too as colour really wouldn’t have worked for Defoe. Black and white art has an atmosphere all of its own. Whereas it doesn’t work as well for something like Judge Dredd its perfectly suited for the dark world of Defoe.

Defoe is very steampunk in that you will see flying machines, machine guns, and all manner of anachronisms, so if your into that kind of thing then you will certainly get a lot out of this. If your into your Zombies then your also really going to enjoy this. But the best thing I can say in Defoe’s favour is that I really don’t care for steampunk or Zombies…and yet I still absolutly loved Defoe.