(Bagged with Judge Dredd Megazine 317)

In reviewing Tor Cyan I am coming at it somewhat blind. At time of writing I have yet to read the Mercy Heights strips in which Cyan’s character originated, but I figured I was familiar enough with Rogue Trooper to be able to follow what was happening. I needn’t have worried as it happens as so long as you know Tor Cyan used to be an Ambulance Pilot then the rest of his strips are very much stand alone.

Unfortunatly the Tor Cyan strips are a very mixed bag. The first few stories feel oddly disjointed, as if the writer (John Tomlinson) was making them up as he went along and didn’t really know where he was going with them. The art really doesn’t help either, theres a fight scene in “Refugee” where I had absolutly no idea what was happening. When the art isn’t clear then its always going to hamper a story, and when the story isn’t very good to begin with then your just asking for trouble.

Its not all bad though. The last two strips in this collection (“Rahab” and “Phage”) are a vast improvement over what comes before them. Tying in more closely to the Rogue Trooper strips these two stories give a sense of direction to Tor Cyan that was lacking in previous installments. Rogue even makes an appearance himself but certainly not in the way I was expecting and these two strips have left me looking forward to the final Cyan strip which will be published in next months Venus Bluegenes bagged collection. Even the art is a lot better here and certainly much more to my taste.

“Rahab” and “Phage” just about managed to save this collection from being a complete write off for me. If you have it then I recommend just skipping everything else and just reading the last two strips.