The Strontium Dog audios from Big Finish are, sadly, something of a forgotten gem. Selling far more poorly than the Dredd audios, only two were ever made (with Johnny Alpha making a further appearance alongside Dredd in a later release). To this day though, the quality of these two audios is frequently praised and quite rightly so.

Fire From Heaven by Jonathan Clements, sees Johnny, Wulf, and the gang, in pursuit of a conman who is masquerading as a high priest. Landing on a nearby University planet the S/D agents have to mingle with the student population in order to discover his where abouts. As you would expect theres a lot of humour to be had here, particularly from Middenface McNulty, who lets just say isn’t exactly the most learned of people. His reactions to everyones patronising attitude towards him always raises a smile. The story as a whole is very light hearted, especially when compared to the previous Strontium Dog audio “Down To Earth”. Fortunatly the humour is always funny, so Fire From Heaven stands up to repeat listens.

The performances of the cast are spot on. As with the Dredd audios, whenever I read a Strontium Dog strip now I hear the voices from these audios. Middenface McNulty is particularly spot on, and you really have to buy this if only to hear how a Gronk sounds. Simon Pegg (who Im sure needs no introduction) is thoroughly convincing as Johnny Alpha, while Toby Longworth gives an admirable performance as Wulf Sternhammer (who must surely have been the most difficult part to cast).

Unfortunatly the chances of there being any more Strontium Dog audios are pretty much nil, so I recommend you pick up Fire From Heaven, as well as Down To Earth, as soon as possible.  If you want to pick them up now then they are both available as part of a bundle of four 2000AD audios from Big Finish, for just £7. At that price you really have no excuse not to get them.


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