(Published in Venus Bluegenes – Venus On The Fragshell. Bagged with Judge Dredd Megazine 318)

WARNING – Review contains spoilers. (See also the previous Tor Cyan review – https://britcitreviews.wordpress.com/2011/11/25/tor-cyan-world-of-hurt/ )

The final Tor Cyan strip really is the big one. This is the one with all the answers to Tor Cyan’s past, and I must admit they took me by suprise. Obviously before reading it was pretty obvious that Cyan was a G.I. from Nu-Earth, but exactly which G.I. I did not see coming. The big reveal is that Tor Cyan is essentially a reincarnation of Rogue Trooper.

After Rogue’s death his body is discovered and his Bio-chip removed, at some later point Tor Cyan’s body is grown and implanted with the chip. This really took me by suprise and was absolutly gripping to read. Considering how poor the Cyan strips were at first, “No Such Place” (along with the previous two strips “Rahab” and “Phage”) really raised the bar, and after reading “No Such Place” i’m actually sad its all over. Its not just the story that improves but also the art, (by Jock) which is superior to the earlier Cyan strips.

If Tor Cyan’s entire run had been like his last three strips, then they would be fondly remembered I’m sure. As it is, its a real shame that they didn’t come good untill the very end.