When approaching Sinister Dexter you know what your going to get.  Lots of guns, lots of jokes, and lots of one shot stories. In that respect Slay Per View is pretty standard Sin/Dex, however there are a couple of factors that raise it above the previous two Sin/Dex trades.

In the 235 pages of this trade there are plenty of traditional one part stories, but mixed in are a couple of longer four or five part stories. These stories are important as they introduce several new characters, who continue to turn up in Sin/Dex to this day. Steampunk Willie, Brutus Putin, and Carrie Hosanna all make their debuts here. For the first time in Sin/Dex we also get returning characters, in the form of “friendly” cops Rocky Rhodes, and Tracy Weld, as well as Demi Octavo’s little sister Billi. What this does, is create a more well rounded world for Sin/Dex. Whereas previously we knew little about the two main characters other than what we saw on the page, this trade begins to give us their backstory as well as giving them (and the reader) other characters to care about. Theres also a few subtle hints at a bigger story arc (a first for Sin/Dex) which would continue into the next trade “Eurocrash”.

While the writing is consistent throughout, the art is anything but, with no fewer than fourteen artists taking a shot at Sin/Dex here. The best of the bunch for me is Simon Davies, whos unique style of art is my personal favourite for Sin/Dex. The only artist who I wasn’t to keen on in this trade was Steve Yeowell. While his art works well when in black and white (in The Red Seas for example), it really looks quite poor as soon as it is coloured, as it is here. For some reason Yeowell insists on drawing Sinister with a goatee, which no other artist does. Why he does this, I have no idea (answers on a postcard please).

While there are hints at a bigger picture developing, Slay Per View is still very much the Sin/Dex we know and love (or loathe, depending on how you feel about it).  Its nothing mind blowing or deep, but if you switch your brain off and enjoy it, then theres a lot of fun to be had reading this trade.