Its certainly striking and looks very eye catching on the shelf. Unlikely to be a contender for cover of the year, but still very nice.

Judge Dredd – Day of Chaos: The Assassination List – Part 6:

This maybe suffered from having such a long break (it being four weeks since part 5). However it moves the Day of Chaos arc on considerably with regard to the characters of Wile, and the Hennesy’s. Day of Chaos has been something of a slow burner, but I get the feeling its beginning to pick up pace.

Grey Area – Meet & Greet – Part 2:

Its still to early to really pass judgement on Grey Area. I’m enjoying it so far though, and this part introduced an interesting plot point regarding the character Bulliet. I do wonder whether theres going to be enough storylines for Grey Area to run for a long time, but I’m sure Dan Abnett knows what he’s doing.

Nikolai Dante – The Wedding of Jena Makarov – Part 2:

I’m not the biggest fan of Dante so perhaps i’m not the best person to review this strip. I get the gist of whats going on though, and I imagine if you’ve been reading Dante from the start then this would be a must read.

Past Imperfect – H Battalion:

Jekyll and Hyde meets the First World War. There’s quite a lot crammed into the four pages this one shot strip gets, and its a tremendously enjoyable read. To be honest though, I would probably have taken anything after the abysmal Angel Zero.

Strontium Dog – The Project – Part 2:

Unlike some, I’m delighted that Johnny Alpha has been ressurected, and this strip just adds to the confidence I have in the creative team. There’s clearly something not quite right about Johnny since his return, and the plot regarding the attempt on his life is absolutly gripping. This is shaping up to be a must read.


A pretty strong prog to start of the new year. Not quite firing on all cylinders perhaps, but there isn’t a single poor strip here, so things are looking good.

Thrill of the week: Strontium Dog.