What a fantastic cover by Tiernen Trevallion. His distinctive black and white style is eye catching enough, but the fire effect makes this cover extra special (the fire actually looks like its spreading over the cover). This surely has to be an early contender for cover of the year.

Judge Dredd – Day of Chaos: Eve of Destruction – Part 3:

This is the best installment of the Day of Chaos arc so far. Mega City One is put under lock down as the judges desperatly try to prevent the outbreak of the Sov virus. What’s been really interesting about this arc so far, is that the Judges have been well aware that a disaster is imminent, but have been pretty powerless to stop it, which is a change from them usually being taken by suprise. Its been a long time since Dredd has been quite as unmissable as it is right now.

Grey Area – Feel the Noise – Part 1:

I was suprised to see Grey Area begin a new story this prog, but unfortunatly i’m still finding it difficult to care. It really isn’t bad, but it just feels so underwhelming compared to the other four strips in the prog right now. Any other line up of strips, then I feel I would probably be rating this more highly.

Nikolai Dante – The Wedding of Jena Makarov – Part 5:

Dante manages to escape, and Jena heads ever closer to her fate. Next prog I expect to see the fireworks start proper to bring Dante to a close. Its testament to Robbie Morrison’s writing that in his final story, he kept Dante imprisoned for five whole parts without it getting boring. Once again this was a great read and I say that as someone who has never really been that fond of Dante before.

Absalom – Ghosts of London – Part 3:

A bit of the folklore of London added to the mix in this installment of Absalom. The great thing about this strip is that I genuinly have no idea where its going at any point, so week in week out I am being suprised when reading it. Theres yet to be an installment of Absalom that is less than great, and I don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

Strontium Dog – The Project – Part 5:

I know we’re only at part five, but I’ll be really sad when this is over as (like Dredd) this is unmissable right now. Theres so many plot threads going on at once, all of which would make a great strip on their own right, but together they are making this into something of a classic.


2000AD is going through something of a golden age right now, and this prog perfectly encapsulates why. Three of the most popular strips of all time are all involved in mega epic storylines, while a fairly new strip continues to impress every week. The fact that Grey Area is the weakest thing here just goes to show how strong the current line up is, as Grey Area is far from awful.

Thrill of the Week: Judge Dredd (although Strontium Dog, and Absalom where both equally thrilling).