I quite like this as a cover, especially as it represents something that actually happens in the strip itself. I can’t quite tell, but it looks to me like the background is actually a photograph that has been blurred, with Johnny and Middenface placed in front of it. Either way, its a good cover.

Judge Dredd – Day of Chaos: Eve of Destruction – Part 5:

To my suprise the judges actually come close to stopping the Sov virus from spreading this week. Unfortunatly for them the Sov’s have yet another agent in the Meg, whom they are totally unaware of. We’re now very close to the beginning of the Day of Chaos, and as a build up to the Day of Chaos itself the strip is extremely successful.

Grey Area – Feel the Noise – Part 3:

After last weeks improvement this was a massive disappointment. The lack of dialogue meant this weeks installment took all of twenty seconds to read, which surely should not be the way of ending any story. Even Karl Richardson’s usually reliable art seems to be off, with the last page looking particularly sloppy, almost as if he didn’t have time to finish it properly. A new Grey Area story starts next week, and if the strip is to be a success we really need to see a longer running story than the two we’ve had so far.

Nikolai Dante – The Wedding of Jena Makarov – Part 7:

The final battle begins this week, and if the cliffhanger is anything to go by we could be seeing the deaths of some main characters (although I won’t be suprised if this isn’t the case). Having Dante battle yet another Arbatov brother (like he used to do pretty much every week in the beginning) is a nice touch. I can’t see any end in sight to this story at the minute, but then Dante certainly deserves a long run for his send off.

Absalom – Ghosts of London – Part 5:

Absalom just seems able to do no wrong, and is always sure to be a highlight of any prog. Both the story and the art are first class throughout, and in the shape of Absalom we have a fascinating main character. Why can’t we have this in the Prog every week?

Strontium Dog – The Project – Part 7:

We all knew that Johnny Alpha was hearing a voice in his head, but having the voice able to be heard by other people too was an unexpected twist. Apart from that little happens this week, although I get the feeling that The Life and Death of Johnny Alpha may well continue on after this story. Still im enjoying it every week and I genuinly don’t know where the story is going, which is always a good thing.


It seems churlish to complain when four out of the five strips are so damn good right now, but Grey Area was a real black mark on an otherwise faultless prog. I want to give it a fair chance, but unless it improves soon it will continue to tarnish what is otherwise a perfect line up of strips.

Quote of the Week: “I can hide your Werther’s Originals and stop you watching Countdown, and that’s just for starters.” – Absalom.

Thrill of the Week: Absalom.