A bit of an uninspiring effort but nothing wrong with it techincally. Its a bit unnerving having Dredd’s crotch thrust in your face (surely we could have had a more flattering angle for Dredd, as by the looks of it he certainly needs one). The background colour is effective, making the Prog stand out on the shelves, and the 2000AD logo is clearly visible, which is always good.

Judge Dredd – Day of Chaos: Eve of Destruction – Part 6:

A change of scenery this week as we move away from the big meg, and find ourselves joining the judges on an assault on the Sov camp. This was certainly an unexpected turn of events for the story, as I wasnt expecting Borisenko or any of the other Sov’s to be captured by Dredd at any point. The change in pace this week meant this was a step up from previous installments, stopping this particular story from perhaps getting stale. The judge informant android in the Sov camp looks suspiciously like he’s been modelled after Dirty Frank. Oh and last week I said we were just hours away from the Day of Chaos…turns out we’re still four days away. Sorry about that.

Grey Area – The Do:

Lee Carter takes over on art this week, lending a sense of freshness to the strip. Its a reasonably enjoyable one off, although very little of note actually happens. I still think that Grey Area really needs a longer story, that actually has more plot, if the strip is going to be a success.

Nikolai Dante – The Wedding of Jena Makarov – Part 8:

Well this is likely to be an installment which will be remembered for years to come. That double splash page is remarkable, although I really can’t say what it is without giving away a major plot point (I presume if your reading this you will probably read the strip anyway). I’ve never been very keen on Dante before but this final story is an absolute cracker, and I genuinly felt like cheering at that final panel. This is the send off the character deserves.

Absalom – Ghosts of London – Part 6:

Im finding it quite hard to say anything new about Absalom, as every week it is absolutly faultless. Theres an interesting turn of events this week however, as for the first time the homunculi  bodyguards are seen to speak, and appear to have a plan of their own. Once again I’m left wishing Absalom could be in the prog every week.

Strontium Dog – The Project – Part 8:

We seem to be nearing the end of this particular story, which I feel sure is going to end on some sort of a cliffhanger. The page where Johnny sits down to talk to a crying child was a really nice character moment, and could perhaps prove significant seeing as he gave the boy his S/D badge. Its still a very enjoyable read, and I for one am glad Johnny Alpha is back in the land of the living.


Three strips that are nothing short of perfect, one strip which is very good indeed, and another that was a reasonably enjoyable one off, means that this is a very strong Prog. Roll on next week and the bumper 35th anniversary edition.

Quote of the Week: “Man, I hate stag weekends”. – Grey Area.

Thrill of the Week: Dredd/Dante/Absalom. (I honestly can’t choose between those three.)