I wasn’t too keen on this at first glance, but after closer inspection I have to admit it’s grown on me. It’s a different style than we’re used to seeing on the cover, and is all the more eyecatching because of it. The colours make it stand out on the shelf, while Dante himself looks particularly good. All in all a very good effort.

Judge Dredd – Day of Chaos: Eve of Destruction – Part 9:

The virus finds another way to get into the city, whilst Judge Roake gets shot twice. Other than that not too much happening this week, although I understand the next part will be an important one. Its still a good read, but I think next week will see the story get the kick it needs to become a must read once again.

Age of the Wolf II – She is Legend – Part 2:

I enjoyed the first Age of the Wolf story so I’m pleased to see it return for a second outing. Two parts in and its still too early to tell how good this is going to be, but its an ok start. Its a big change in style from the first story so it could go either way yet. Still the art is excellent and I’m confident the story will prove to be a good one.

Grey Area – Personal Space – Part 3:

Lots of nudity in this one again this week, but the story does appear to be going some where. There’s a twist on the character of Bulliet at the end of this part, which should prove interesting in the future. Grey Area at least seems to be moving in the right direction now, after a pretty disapointing start.

What if…? – Anderson:

Wow…this was a real misfire. In this What If, Anderson doesn’t become a Judge so ends up having a husband and three kids. Seriously, thats it. Nothing happens in this story which is a crying shame considering how much potential the story could have had. What we should have got, would have been a civilian Anderson battling Judge Death, as without her as a Judge then Death would have been  unstoppable. The previous three What If strips were all pretty good, so its sad that the last one is so very poor.

Nikolai Dante – The Wedding of Jena Makarov – Part 11:

Remember those major spoilers you were warned about? Well here they come so this is your last chance to avoid them. Still here?…Ok, so we knew not everyone was going to make it out of this story alive, and in this installment both Katarina Dante and Dmitri Romanov die. This was one of the most genuinly emotional comic strips I have ever read, and because of this installment alone, I think I finally like Nikolai Dante. Typical really seeing as its about to come to an end. Oh well…this is as faultless a strip as your ever likely to come across.


Not quite up to the high standards of recent progs, with the What If…? standing out as being particularly bad. Still everything else is pretty good, with Nikolai Dante being outstanding.

Quote of the Week: “There’s more than one Dante in the world”. – Nikolai Dante

Thrill of the Week: Nikolai Dante