We really are being spoiled with the covers lately, with this being the second excellent wraparound in the space of three weeks. This weeks cover is certainly a dramatic one, with plenty to look at on both the front and the back. Flesh may not be a favourite strip of mine, but this really is a great cover.

Judge Dredd – Day of Chaos: Eve of Destruction – Part 10:

Here come some spoilers…

Wow, things really kick up a gear this week. The most obvious talking point being the destruction of the Statue of Judgement. I doubt anyone saw that one coming, with this surely being the biggest disaster to hit Mega City One for a long time. “Eve of Destruction” had been moving somewhat slowly in recent weeks but this installment more than makes up for it, and has left me desperate to see what happens next week. This is exciting, dramatic, and a joy to read. Dredd at its very best.

Age of the Wolf II – She is Legend – Part 3:

A really enjoyable read this week. We get the standard horror plot point, of having all the characters trapped in a dark building surrounded by monsters (in this case werewolves), but the backstory this gives us, coupled with the excellent art means that these scenes really work. I have no idea where this story is going to go next, which is most deffinetly a good thing. I look forward to this story continuing.

Flesh – Midnight Cowboys – Part 1:

Flesh is a strange beast (pardon the pun). I’ve never had any interest in Dinosaurs, even when I was a kid, nor does the premise of Flesh particularly interest me, yet despite that its always strangely readable. This is a testament to Pat Mills writing, and while I’d rather he was back with another series of Defoe, this is perfectly acceptable stuff in the meantime. James Mckays retro style art, while not being to my taste, is a perfect fit for the story, with Mckay seemingly relishing getting to draw various dinosaurs on mass. A decent start to a strip which Im somewhat ambivalent about.

Grey Area – Xenophobia:

Is Bulliet really a member of the Xenophobic human organisation, or is he really a plant working for the ETC? This installment is very much setting up further stories for when Grey Area returns in Prog 1785. Whilst Grey Area had a somewhat poor start, this week continues the recent improvement in both story and art. Hopefully the two month break Grey Area is about to start, won’t mean that the strip loses the momentum which it has slowly been building.

Nikolai Dante – The Dante Gambit – Part 1:

More spoilers follow…

NOOOOO! If there was one character I really wanted to survive it was Flintlock, but sadly it was not to be as this week sees his Lordship killed in battle. I don’t think I have ever read a comic strip which can manage to arouse such emotions in the reader as Dante is currently managing every week. As well as being the penultimate Dante strip, “The Dante Gambit” will be the final Dante strip to be drawn by John Burns, so its not just characters we are saying goodbye too. Week in, week out, Dante is a must read strip and is on one of the best runs of any strip in recent memory.


Dredd and Dante bookend this weeks prog with excellence, while everything in between is more than acceptable. Its not quite as good a line up as it was a few weeks ago when Absalom was in the prog, but the arrival of the brand new Zaucer of Zilk next week will certainly liven things up I’m sure.

Quote of the Week: “Cowards forever, your Lordship” – Nikolai Dante

Thrill of the Week: Judge Dredd