A nice striking image graces the cover of this weeks prog. Plenty of detail is given to both the Grand Hall of Justice, and the buildings which surround it. The crimson colour used for the sky is not only eyecatching, but also helps too add a menacing atmosphere to the image. If you hadn’t read Dredd for a while then this is exactly the kind of cover image which would make you want to read the strip immediatly.

Judge Dredd – Day of Chaos: Eve of Destruction – Part 12:

As the front cover shows, the Grand Hall of Justice comes under a missile strike this week. While narrowly avoiding a similar disastor as befell the Statue of Judgement, the Judges seem to have found a lead on the sov agent Wessel. Theres a lot crammed into the six pages Dredd gets, and all of it is exciting. Dredd hasn’t been quite this good since I’ve been reading it, and with the Day of Chaos still three days away its only going to get better.  Absolutly essential reading.

Flesh – Midnight Cowboys – Part 3:

Has it really only been three weeks that Flesh has been in the prog for? The story continues to drag, with nothing happening to keep me even remotely interested. I’m having to force myself to read this each week as the temptation to just skip over the strip is quite strong. This is going to be tough to continue to review every week, with my feelings for Flesh being best summed up in three words – This is boring.

The Zaucer of Zilk – Part 2:

As you’d expect with Brendan McCarthy on art duties, this is extremely eye catching and a joy to look at. Im still on the fence regarding the story at this point, although its certainly a lot more fun to read than Flesh. Its fluff, but reasonably enjoyable fluff none the less.

Age of the Wolf II – She is Legend – Part 5:

I’m still not sure where this story is going, but im enjoying the ride. One of the main bad guys is killed off this week, which suprised me as I’m guessing we’re only half way through the story. Of more immediate concern for our heroes is that the guy with the goatee (I still can’t remember his name) appears to have been bitten by a werewolf. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, and how Rowan would deal with her lover (I presume thats what he is) becoming the very thing she is fighting against.

Nikolai Dante – The Dante Gambit – Part 3:

We’re still setting up the forthcoming finale this week, but it was a great read once again, after taking the foot off the gas somewhat last week. Its amazing how there can be tragedy on one page, seeing Flintlock in his coffin, and then comedy on the very next page, as Spatchcock learns the hard way about trust.


Plenty of bang for our buck this week, as the comics spill onto the back page. However this was the weakest prog we’ve had for a long time. Dredd and Dante are both still brilliant so it seems churlish to complain, but the overall quality of the prog is going to continue to suffer so long as Flesh is in the line up.

Quote of the Week:Being in power means you can indulge in a little legalised robbery, right?” – Nikolai Dante.

Thrill of the Week: Judge Dredd