Its advertising Flesh, so thats not a good start in my books. While the cover is technically good, the muted colours used makes the image look rather dull. As a result the cover doesn’t stand out on the shelf, and is unlikely too pull in any potential new readers. Its not a bad cover, but it isn’t really a very good one either.

Judge Dredd – Day of Chaos: Eve of Destruction – Part 15:

The virus continues too take its toll on the population, while the Judges are stretched to breaking point battling against mass riots. What else could possibley go wrong for Mega City One? How about a suspicious looking Judge gaining access to the Dark Judges? Its been a long time since we last saw the Dark Judges, and I must admit to being overwhelmingly excited about the prospect of their escape. Its hard to believe we’re still not actually at the Day of Chaos itself, but if the prelude to it is this exciting, I literally can’t wait for the main story to start. This mega epic is shaping up to be the best Dredd story arc of all time.

The Zaucer of Zilk – Part 5:

I’m not sure there’s actually a coherent plot to this strip, as we seem to go from one random mad setting to another each week. Having said that I’m still finding this very enjoyable. Its a bit of fun, in total contrast with the current Dredd story, and the art is absolutly stunning.

Flesh – Midnight Cowboys – Part 6:

Sigh…is this still here? This week sees the eponymous Midnight Cowboys finally put in an appearance, and they’re very much a typical Mills trope, being a group of seven individuals who are unlikely to get anything as extravagant as characters. To be honest though I don’t really mind that, as I’m long past caring about this terrible strip.

Age of the Wolf II – She is Legend – Part 8:

I didn’t really find this weeks installment too be quite as good as usual. Harry gets revenge on his grandmother, while Rowan manages to escape the wolf hole pretty quickly. Other than that, not a lot happening this week. Its not bad by any means, and I’m still enjoying reading it, so don’t think this is in any way a negative review.

Nikolai Dante – The Dante Gambit – Part 6:

This is a very important installment for two reasons. Firstly in that Dante manages to kill of Konstantin at last, but perhaps more importantly its the very last time Jonh Burns will provide the art for Nikolai Dante. I’ve always been somewhat on the fence in regards to Burn’s work, but I can’t deny that he’s a very good artist and has been an important figure in the success of the strip. Story wise I can’t help but feel that some of the momentum has been lost during this story, but I’ll still be looking forward to the beginning of the very last Dante strip in seven weeks time.


When Dredd is as good as it is right now, then its worth the cover price alone. The fact that Zaucer of Zilk and Dante are also very good is a bonus. Age of the Wolf is still enjoyable enough, but Flesh continues to be absolutly dreadfull. Still, you can’t have everything can you?

Quote of the Week:Judges Fear, Fire and Mortis.Real creepy how they move around in there…” – Judge Dredd

Thrill of the Week: Judge Dredd