Well I think that there can be little doubt that this will become one of the most well remembered covers in 2000AD history. Henry Flint has turned in a fantastic effort for this cover, with all three Dark Judges looking nothing short of amazing. None of the Dark Judges dominate in this cover, so the readers eyes are drawn over all three of them with each of their badges being clear to read. This is pretty much guaranteed to entice any lapsed readers into picking up the prog again. If I was being picky I could argue that the grey background is a little uninspired, but really this is a bonafide classic cover.

Judge Dredd – Day of Chaos: Eve of Destruction – Part 17:

You won’t be suprised to hear that theres one thing dominating this weeks installment of Dredd, and thats the much anticipated return of the Dark Judges. Wagner manages to cram more into six pages than you would think is possible without the story feeling rushed in anyway. Colin Macneil takes over on art duties his week and his art is absolutly stunning, just check out the bottom panel of page five with Judge Fear trying to hide his face. I couldn’t believe the panel which said we’re still two days away from the Day of Chaos…How much worse can things possibly get for Mega City One? John Wagner continues to surpass himself with what is turning out to be his Magnum Opus.

Flesh – Midnight Cowboys – Part 8:

Well I’ll admit that this weeks installment of Flesh didn’t insult me as much as usual, but I think thats more to do with my total lack of interest in this strip. The plot continues to be paper thin, as are all of the characters. I can’t help but feel that if anyone other than Pat Mills had pitched Flesh to Tharg then it would have been rejected immediatly. Sadly it looks like we’re stuck with this for another couple of weeks at least.

The Zaucer of Zilk – Part 7:

I don’t really have too much to say about this, other than that it continues to be a lot of fun to read. I’m hoping that it manages to wrap things up at ten parts in length, as any longer may mean it outstays its welcome, which would be a shame considering how good its been thus far. Needless to say the art continues to look nothing short of glorious throughout, particularly the technicolour backgrounds. I imagine life inside a pack of Refreshers would look something like The Zaucer of Zilk…and yes that is the strangest thing I’ve ever said on this blog. But hey, its probably the strangest strip I’ve ever had to review.

Age of the Wolf II – She is Legend – Part 10:

Age of the Wolf’s second run come to an end this week and I’m really disapointed with how this strip ended. The first two thirds were excellent, telling a compelling story with great artwork. Unfortunatly both the writing and art have been incredibly inconsistent in the final third, and have sadly ruined the middle installment of the Age of the Wolf trilogy. For example there’s a very strange panel on the third page of this installment, in which Rowan appears to stand on thin air when rescuing the baby. The baby seems to be falling down towards a werewolf, and then in the next panel Rowan has caught the baby without any sign of the Werewolf. This sort of thing has been all too frequent in recent installments of Age of the Wolf and has ultimatly let down what was looking to be a pretty good strip.

Cadet Anderson – Algol – Part 2:

Seems this is going to be the second Cadet Anderson story in a row in which the young Anderson does battle with a rogue psi. Thats ok though as this is looking to be an entirely different affair to Teenage Kyx. The story is still showing signs of promise, and Steve Yeowell’s art still looks better than I’ve ever seen it before. There was some mention over on the 2000AD forum about a continuity error this week regarding Chief Shenker, but I can overlook it if the rest of the story is good, which it is. I look forward to reading more


Pretty good Prog this week, with three out of five strips looking very impressive. I’m gonna have to pick Dredd as my strip of the week yet again this week. Its the third week in a row i’ve picked it, but it really is streets ahead of the competition. Looking forward to something new coming into the Prog next week to replace Age of the Wolf, presumably the return of Grey Area.

Quote of the Week: “The Dark Judges are loose!” – Judge Dredd

Thrill of the Week: Judge Dredd