Its certainly not a bad cover, but something about it just doesn’t seem to work for me. The robot dog looks good, Anderson also looks good, and the background is nice as it gives a real sense of motion to the piece. I think my problem with it is that its just too soon since the last Anderson cover (Prog 1780) and so lacks any real impact. This is the second Anderson cover in three weeks, where as Zaucer of Zilk for example has had only one cover in eight weeks, so I’m not sure what happened with the cover schedule this time around. So a perfectly good cover, but one which doesn’t do much for me.

Judge Dredd – Day of Chaos: Eve of Destruction – Part 18:

Well this is as action packed a six pages as its possible to get. Once again its amazing how Wagner manages to cram so much story into such a short amount of space. The Dark Judges are dispatched this week, but I imagine that was allways the intention. It is still only the Eve of Destruction so it’s right to leave the Dark Judges off stage as it were, and give them a chance to plan and scheme for the Day of Chaos itself. Colin Macneil’s art is (literally) on fire right now, with this being perhaps the best ever interpretation I’ve seen of Judge Fire. I’m kind of hoping that with the Dark Judges departing for a while we can get back to the Sov virus plot, as I feel that plot thread has been somewhat overlooked in the last couple of weeks.

Flesh – Midnight Cowboys – Part 9:

You know something? The first page of Flesh this week was actually pretty good. The two archaeologists looking over the fossilised remains of their rat like ancestors showed that this strip could actually have some potential. But oh dear…we then return to the cret period and the atrociously depicted characters and plot. I still think this is the worst thing I’ve ever seen printed in 2000AD and can’t believe it ever got commisioned. Hopefully the return of the A.B.C. Warriors in Prog 1800 will coincide with the return of the real Pat Mills and we can put this horrible mess behind us.

The Zaucer of Zilk – Part 8:

Once again Zaucer is Zaucer, meaning its bright, garish, and a lot of fun (and yes I’m aware I seem to use the word fun when reviewing this strip every week). It’s clear this hasn’t got too long left to run now but its still pretty good stuff and benefits from coming immediatly after Flesh, although to be honest six blank pages would be better than Flesh. The Zaucer himself actually seems to be becoming a more likeable character as the story progresses, as he was a bit of an unlikeable lead character when this all began.

Tharg’s Time Twisters – Contractions:

Well I was wrong about Grey Area returning this week, as we get a four page Time Twister instead, but what a great little story this is. The idea of a character being taken back through their major life experiences isn’t a new one, but this story gives it a new twist with every other character also seemingly aware that he’s travelling back through his own time stream. The pacy story is coupled with some rather brilliant artwork by Lee Carter. While I love his work in black and white, this just goes to show how good an artist he is when working in colour as well, with those first three panels set in the woods looking particularly great. These one offs can sometimes feel like little more than filler material, but when they’re this good they become just as important a feature as the rest of the strips in the line up.

Cadet Anderson – Algol – Part 3:

Anderson continues to be a neat little bookend to the Prog. It’s not a strip which is particularly great or memorable in either art or story, but its perfectly acceptable and is a reasonably enjoyable read still. I felt the art did slip a little this week, with the colouring seeming a lot more bland than in the last couple of parts, and Steve Yeowell’s art doesn’t really lend any sort of sense of scale to Mega City One. Still this isn’t at all bad stuff.


The prog is still looking very strong with the one obvious exception. A couple of new strips would help freshen things up a little though, and with the rapidly approaching returns of both Grey Area and Durham Red I’m sure the current run of fine form is set to continue.

Quote of the Week: “Heavens,Montgomery – Raine was right all along! The wands are eager to join together – and become one!” – Zaucer of Zilk

Thrill of the Week: Judge Dredd (again, although the Time Twister is a very close second this week)