Its not great is it? Technically its not a bad cover as there is nothing wrong with the art, but its just to static and not particularly interesting to look at. This sort of cover isn’t likely to pull in any new readers, and it took me a while to find it on the shelves of WHSmiths. Not terrible then, but a pretty uninspired effort.

Judge Dredd – Day of Chaos: Eve of Destruction – Part 20:

Wow…when was the last time we saw a Part 20 in the Prog? Needless to say Dredd continues to be a masterclass in comics, as we draw to within just a few hours of the Day of Chaos. This week we get to see two elements of the DoC come together, as Dredd has to battle both rioting Cits, as well as trying to prevent further outbreak of the Chaos Virus. I was pleased to see the virus return to the strip, as I feel it was getting overlooked when the Dark Judges were around. Still this is as good as its possible for a comic strip to be. Perfection in six pages!

Flesh – Midnight Cowboys – Part 11:

In total contrast to Dredd, Flesh is perhaps as bad as its possible for a comic strip to be. I really can’t be bothered with this utter rubbish anymore, in fact I’m so fed up with it that I’m even finding it difficult to muster up the will to hate it now. I still feel six blank pages would be more interesting than this has been. The end can’t come soon enough.

The Zaucer of Zilk – Part 10 (Final Part):

Now this has been an absolute joy to read from start to finish. Zaucer of Zilk has proven to be something of a suprise hit during its ten week run, and I’m happy to say that it gets an appropriatly happy ending. I hate to use the word cosy when referring to anything in 2000AD, but the ending to ZoZ was cosy, with those final two pages being sure to raise a smile from any reader. The ending does leave it open for a possible return, and while I think Zaucer of Zilk would perhaps be better served by being a one off, I would be only too glad to see it return to the Prog in the future. Well done to all involved.

Terror Tales – Kitsuneland:

Terror Tales are my personal favourite of the various types of one off strips, so I’m always pleased to see one appear in the Prog. This one was a pretty complicated story with the reader really needing to know something of Japanese folklore in order to fully appreciate it. Still I really enjoyed it, and felt that the atmosphere it managed to achieve was admirable given the strips four page limitation. Mark Harrison’s art looks absolutly stunning throughout, meaning this is three one off strips in a row which have benefited from great artwork. I can see why some people wouldn’t enjoy this, but it gets a thumbs up from me.

Cadet Anderson – Algol – Part 5:

The current Cadet Anderson strip is ok, but unfortunatly it just screams of filler material. There doesn’t seem to be any reason for this to be a young Anderson story, as we’re not learning anything new about the characters early days. Instead thus far its been a pretty bog standard run around as the two young Judges and their mentor track down the rogue Psi. Its not bad by any means, but there isn’t really a lot to get excited about either.


The overall standard of the Prog remains very good, but the current line up is starting to look a little over tired. Fortunaly new series of Durham Red and Grey Area begin next week, which i’m hopeful will give the Prog the shot in the arm which it needs right now. Its not a bad prog this week though, with Dredd and Zaucer of Zilk towering over the rest.

Quote of the Week: “No more eternal youth, I’m Mister Grow-Old now.” – Zaucer of Zilk

Thrill of the Week: Zaucer of Zilk