Since I started Brit Cit Reviews back in November of last year, I have been amazed by the success it has achieved, to the point where the blog is now recieving around one thousand views every month. In that time I have tried to post more than one article each week, be it for the Prog, a trade collection, or a Forgotten Thrill. However, I am currently training to be an English teacher and unfortunatly I simply can not find the time to read and review quite as frequently as before.

This is most certainly not the end of the blog however, far from it, but I do need to prioritise and obviously I can’t put the blog first. I promise that the Prog review will still be posted every week, but be prepared for a period where the Prog may be the only thing getting reviewed. I will still try and get the occasional trade review and Forgotten Thrill posted on the blog, but they will be far less frequent.

Thank you everyone for reading all my ramblings that have been posted thus far, and I hope that you will continue to follow the blog. Of course if you would like to write a review for the blog then now really is the perfect time. If you have a review you wish to be published on Brit Cit Reviews simply email it too and it will get posted asap.