This cover really does what it says on the tin, announcing the return of Durham Red to the prog. It’s by Carlos Ezquerra so it goes without saying that this is an excellent effort. It’s a bit cheesy perhaps, but Durham Red is a cheesy character anyway so thats unavoidable really. The starscape in the background is a nice touch, making the cover a bit more eyecatching than it would have been otherwise (although you could never accuse Durham Red of being anything less than eyecatching.) This is exactly the sort of cover which will pull in any lapsed readers, and so can only be viewed as a success.

Judge Dredd – Day of Chaos: Tea for Two:

The Day of Chaos takes an interlude this week as Dredd goes to pay his niece Vienna a vist. Any long term Dredd reader can’t help to have wondered what had happpened to Dredd’s “family” during the current story arc, so it was good that Wagner chose to address this. Edmund Bagwell isn’t perhaps an automatic choice for Dredd artist, but he does a fantastic job here. That subtle image on the first page of a citizen having hanged himself in the street effectively gets across just how desperate a situation Mega City One finds itself in. Judge Dredd continues to be nothing short of perfection.

Flesh – Midnight Cowboys – Part 12 (Final Part):

Finally, finally, this dire strip comes to an end. For that reason alone this is the single best installment of Flesh yet. That final page however seems to be setting up yet another series which is the worst 2000AD news I’ve heard for a long time. Claw Carver’s returning? I really couldn’t care less.

Durham Red – The “Nobody Wants This Job” Job – Part 1:

Its a Strontium Dog Universe strip with art by Carlos Ezquerra…of course I’m going to love this. Unlike the Cadet Anderson strip this actually seems to have a point in revisiting the characters past, as we get to see Durham Red’s very first day as a Search/Destroy agent. I could probably read pages and pages of strips set entirely aboard the Doghouse, as Ezquerra always draws brilliant and varied mutants. Whatever direction this strip goes in I’m sure i’m going to thoroughly enjoy it and after just a single installment I’m allready hoping that we’ll get more Durham Red strips in the future.

Grey Area – One of  Our Own – Part 1:

Grey Area returns this week after a couple of months absence from the Prog. I’m still not quite 100% behind this strip yet, but I’m still willing to give it a chance. The setup is certainly an interesting one, and I can tell each character apart now which is vital in an ensemble piece such as this. I think Lee Carter has to be the artist of choice for Grey Area now as he continues to show just how good his art can look when in colour. Despite my uncertainty towards the strip there is still plenty to enjoy here, and I’m confident that Grey Area will win me over soon.

Cadet Anderson – Algol – Part 6 (Final Part):

Thus ends a fairly disapointing story. Its not really done anything particularly wrong but the whole story has felt pretty insignificant, with no real reason for being set during Anderson’s cadet days. As I’ve said previously this strip has screamed of filler, and if we see another Cadet Anderson story I hope we get some sort of character development for what is undoubtedly one of 2000AD’s most important characters.


The addition of Durham Red and Grey Area to the line up this week give the Prog a much needed boost, after what had been a few weeks of being fairly stale. Flesh coming to an end can only be a good thing, as it means the overall quality of the prog will continue to improve next week, particularly with Nikolai Dante beginning his final story. With many promising strips in the near future its a good time to be reading 2000AD.

Quote of the Week: “How sudden that fall had been. Not over centuries, or years – but in a matter of days.” – Judge Dredd

Thrill of the Week: Durham Red