John Burns may have finished his work on Dante inside the prog, but its fitting that he gets to provide a cover for Dante’s final adventure. Its a very nice cover too, reminding me of a movie poster, which I presume is the point. Burn’s painted art hasn’t always been a favourite of mine for a strip, but theres no doubting that the man is an incredibly talented artist. I can just see this cover image being sold as a poster or even framed on someones wall. Just like Ezquerra’s effort last week, this is likely to pull in lapsed readers and for me thats one of the hallmarks of a great cover.

Judge Dredd – Day of Chaos: Wot I Did During The Worst Dissaster In Mega-City History:

In case you hadn’t realised from that grammatically incorrect title, P.J. Maybe makes his return this week. (And as an English teacher in training I really did not enjoy writing that title I can tell you.) It’s not just Maybe who’s back though, as the Dark Judges aren’t far behind. It’s something of a comedic interlude for Dredd this week, which suprised me considering Wagner’s intention was to remove the more silly aspects from the Dark Judges. They appear to be hopelessly inept since their escape a few weeks ago, being recaptured fairly easily by Maybe. I’m still confident that Wagner knows full well what he’s doing so I won’t criticise this turn of events. This weeks installment is another fantastic interlude, and next week…Chaos Day!

Durham Red – The “Nobody Wants This Job” Job – Part 2:

It’s very much a point A to point B installment for Durham Red this week, as she makes her way to the planet Rann on her very first bounty mission. There’s not a tremendous amount of dialogue this week, though fortunatly the mutant called Jones has tagged along to at least give Red someone to talk too. Everythings still ticking along nicely here and I’m really enjoying this flashback to Durham Red’s past. More of the same next week please.

Grey Area – One of Our Own – Part 2:

One of the criticisms I had with Grey Area’s previous run in the prog was the lack of a really meaningful story. The short stories we got seemed very inconsequential with little real substance to them. Only two parts into Grey Area’s return and it seems like we are at last getting a story which will have an impact on the characters in the future. I don’t have a lot more to say than that this week, but Grey Area is certainly heading in the right direction with this latest story.

Future Shocks – A Guide For Prisoners Arriving From The Year 2149:

These four page one off strips can all to often feel like little more than filler material, but this latest offering crams an impressive amount of story into such a short amount of space. Theres an incredibly clever and complex idea behind this story, involving time travel and a very big paradox. I actually had to reread this one to fully understand it, but once I did I was able to fully appreciate what a great piece of work this was.

Nikolai Dante – Sympathy For The Devil – Part 1:

And so it begins, the very last Nikolai Dante story. It’s a rather quiet and poignant start to this story with a final goodbye between Nikolai and Viktor. It’s a really nice way to start this final adventure, a calm character moment which I presume will precede the carnage which I’m sure is on its way. Far too early to form an opinion on the Russian Rogue’s swansong yet, but I’m confident that this will turn out to be a spectacular send off. He deserves no less.


A much stronger prog than we’ve had in quite a while. All five strips were very good this week, and have given me far more confidence in the line up than I’ve had since Flesh began its twelve week run. A prog firing on all cylinders.

Quote of the Week: “Too many ghosts here, Viktor.” – Nikolai Dante

Thrill of the Week: Judge Dredd