Karl Richardson provides a very realistic looking image for this weeks cover. Its not likely to be a contender for cover of the year, but its a decent effort all the same. The addition of the camera details, such as the battery symbol and the time and date, are a nice touch which add a little extra to the cover.

Judge Dredd – Chaos Day – Part 2:

This is quite simply an astonishing piece of work. After the destruction of the Academy of Law last week, things continue to get worse for Mega City One with scenes of death and destruction on a scale we’ve never previously seen in Dredd. Just take that first page for example, with the evacuees being marched past a severed head on a pole, while many more bodies can be seen hanging in the background. Then in the very next panel we get the incredibly grim image of the Judge Tree. This is six pages worth of comic strip chock full of memorable images. Perhaps most memorable of all is the image of Dredd in the final panel, seemingly broken by the events of Chaos Day. Dredd has never seemed as helpless as he does now, and it’s difficult to see anyway back for Mega City 1 after this. This is perhaps the finest run of strips we have ever seen in the Prog.

Durham Red – The “Nobody Wants This Job” Job – Part 4:

This strip is a bit of welcome light relief following on from Dredd. Like the Cadet Anderson strip theres a feeling that there isn’t any real need for this to be set in Durham Red’s past. Thus far we have yet to learn anything new about the characters history, and are instead being treated to a pretty generic runaround. Having said that I’m finding this a lot more fun to read than the Anderson strip, and I’m happy to see this in the prog for the time being.

Grey Area – One of Our Own – Part 4 (Final Part):

Grey Area continues to be a pretty good read overall, but thats tempered with a real feeling of dissapointment this week. Bulliet being a plant isn’t really a huge suprise, but there is a feeling that this plot thread should have been allowed to run for a while longer yet. The idea of having the Xeno-Facists capturing one of the ETC officers was one that felt like it had genuine threat behind it, so to see it resolved so quickly is also something of a let down. I am still enjoying Grey Area on the whole, but it really needs a good shot in the arm to take it to the next level.

Future Shocks – Downloan:

I don’t have a lot to say about this Future Shock, as it really didn’t do very much for me at all. I didn’t find the story idea very interesting, and the twist ending was deffinetly lacking. Its a shame because the recent run of one offs has been of a very high standard. This wasn’t really bad by any means, just not my cup of tea. (Actually I don’t like tea either so thats probably not a very good analogy.)

Nikolai Dante – Sympathy For The Devil – Part 3:

I have a feeling this could be the last installment of Dante to have a light tone. Those final couple of panels seem very ominous indeed, and I could almost imagine the dramatic music starting up in the background. The rest of this weeks installment is tremendous fun though, particularly that splash page of Dante which is reminiscent of one of his very earliest adventures. Not a lot else to say this week, other than this is really shaping up nicely.


Despite a rather lacklustre Future Shock this is still a very strong Prog. It’s a bit of a cliche but Dredd really is worth the cover price alone right now, while Dante isn’t too far behind. Add to that a couple of very readable strips in Durham Red and Grey Area and you have a very fine line up indeed.

Quote of the Week: “The city – his beloved city – is dying before his eyes.” – Judge Dredd

Thrill of the Week: Judge Dredd