Very mixed feelings on this weeks cover. Artwise it’s perfectly good, but theres something very off in the composition. The background image could have been a very effective cover on its own, but Durham Red in front of it really does ruin it. Durham looks like she’s just been stuck in front of the background image, and so rather than looking like a cohesive cover it looks more like two seperate images, one in front of the other. Its not a terrible cover, but I don’t think it really works.

Judge Dredd – The Bean Counter:

Well the Day of Chaos arc is officially over and now we’re left with its aftermath. This weeks strip has really divided opinion over on the 2000AD forums with many feeling that this story feels wrong after every thing thats come before it in the Day of Chaos arc. In this respect I have to agree with them, as even though there are a few references to the Chaos Day in the strip, it just doesn’t look like we’re in a city that has been totally devastated by an epidemic and mass riots. This feels very much like a standard one off Dredd strip and I can’t help but feel that this could have been scheduled for later on in the year. Story wise its not bad but I don’t think its particularly good either. A bit of a disapointment after the phenomenal year of Dredd we’ve just had.

Durham Red – The “Nobody Wants This Job” Job – Part 6 (Final Part):

Durham Red comes to the end of her current run this week, and I think overall this has been a fun, if rather inconsequential story. This has been far better than Alan Grant’s recent Cadet Anderson story, although it has suffered from the same problem of not presenting us with anything new for the main character. The ending for this story does feel like a little bit of a copout, but in does make sense given what we’d learned about Avi Reebok previously. The thing that really bothered me was the way Durham Red treats Jones The Voice (I think that was his name anyway) at the end. Taking all the money for herself and leaving him with nothing seemed a bit out of character from her, even if Jones has invited himself along on the hunt. Overall I won’t be overly excited if Durham Red returns for another of these strips, but I certainly won’t mind seeing another one in the Prog either.

Tharg’s 3rillers – 1947 – Part 2:

I continue to be impressed by this latest 3riller. I don’t really have an awful lot to say about it, but everything is working very well here, and like I said last week I genuinly feel that the premise of this strip would be enough for a full length series. I’ve no idea how it’s going to end next week, but I’m certainly looking forward to finding out. Excellent stuff.

The Grievous Journey of Ichabod Azrael – Manhunt – Part 2:

I have absolutly no idea whats going on here, but I’m happy to go along for the ride for now. The art is excellent, although I can’t help but feel there’s far to much white space between the panels on each page. The setting of 1920’s America is certainly an interesting one, and one I don’t recall having seen used in the Prog before. The panels with the Jazz singer in the bar practically provid the reader with the soundtrack for this series. I haven’t a clue why Al Capone appears to be a Devil though. Time will tell I suppose.

Nikolai Dante – Sympathy For The Devil – Part 5:

The penultimate installment of Dante and the strip is just dripping in suspense. How is this going to end? Will everybody get out alive? Will we get the happy ending that we all so desperatly want for the characters? Next week’s presumably double length episode must surely be one of the most anticipated installments in the history of 2000AD. This really is absolutly fantastic stuff and I’m going to be sad when this all comes to an end next week.


A very mixed Prog this week. It’s still pretty damn good, but after the dizzying highs we’ve had from the Prog lately it does come as a little bit of a disapointment. It seems so strange to see Dredd go from being the best thing in the Prog for pretty much a whole year, to suddenly being the weakest strip in the Prog this week. Still there’s no actual bad strips here, so I remain very happy with the current thrill output from Tharg.

Quote of the Week: “I’m what happens to heroes.” – Nikolai Dante

Thrill of the Week: 1947