Love it. A stunning effort from Leigh Gallagher for the first ever Aquila cover. Aquila’s stock fantasy hero pose is likely to help pull in any fantasty fans who have never read 2000AD before. Slaine hasn’t been seen in quite a while, so Aquila is very much taking up the fantasy portion of the galaxys greatest right now. I’m not sure if that monster thing in the background is two seperate monsters, or one monster which aquila has just cut in two. Either way it makes for a great background. Allround this is a very good cover indeed.

Judge Dredd – Debris – Part 2:

The fall out from the Day of Chaos continues to tick along very nicely here. I was particularly pleased to see the appearance of the Space Corps this week. A lot of people have often said they find it hard to believe in Mega City One actually having a Space Corps as they only ever seem to appear in spin off strips such as Insurrection, so it’s good to see them getting some recognition in the main strip. Two parts into this story and I can’t help but feel how effective it would be if the Citi-Def units of Sue Perkins block were actually to defeat the Judges. It would certainly help to reinforce how much of a gamechanger the Day of Chaos was, if the Judges were unable to overcome their citizens. Oh and on a side note, I was really happy to see the Nerve Centre finally acknowledging that the population is now down to fifty million.

The Red Seas – Beautiful Freak – Part 2:

It’s hard to believe that this is the penultimate Red Sea’s strip, as it seems so different to anything we’ve ever seen before in the strip. Once again this week the main characters are all absent as we continue to focus on 2012 and the escape of Orlando Doyle’s homunculus. Thats not a criticism by any means, I am really enjoying this story and continue to be intrigued as to how this is going to set up the final strip (due sometime next year apparently). A couple of nice references to Doctor Who are very much the icing on the cake of this weeks installment.

Aquila – Blood of the Iceni – Part 2:

Aquila continues to impress and continues to be the best thing in the Prog right now. I love that this week’s installment was quite dialogue heavy as it establishes the major plot points of this story without seeming to much like unneccesary exposition. Leigh Gallagher’s artwork is in a league of its own on this strip, really helping to suck the reader into a story which allready had the benefit of a great script. I’m not sure that Boudicca would actually have dressed like that mind, but I guess it doesn’t really matter when you have a story which features serpents hatching out of men’s bodies.

The Grievous Journey of Ichabod Azrael – Manhunt – Part 5:

I’m sorry but this still really isn’t working for me at all. I certainly can’t crticise it for being in anyway bad, because it isn’t. But as I said last week I really don’t think I’m the target audience for this strip. To me the ability of all the characters to be reincarnated together after death is just taking away any of the jeopardy from the story. If you like this kind of thing then I’m sure the strip is excellent, but as I said it just doesn’t seem to be doing anything for me right now.

Lenny Zero – Zero’s 7 – Part 2:

Lenny Zero contiues to prove to be a very enjoyable read, as Zero has to deal with a rather menacing robotic loan shark. I don’t really have too much else to say about this strip this week, but thats just an idication of how competent everything is with this strip. Good without quite being great. A nice bookend to end the Prog with.


The current lineup of strips continues to impress this week, with the exception of Ichabod Azrael (which again as I said is entirely down to my own taste rather than the strips quality). It really speaks volumes of the quality of 2000AD right now that in such a strong Prog, a brand new strip with a character we’re not familiar with yet can be the best of the bunch.

Quote of the Week: “So we’re all part of a Tortoise’s dream?” – The Red Seas

Thrill of the Week: Aquila