A very eyecatching effort from Lee Garbett for this weeks cover. The use of the almost neon red colouring helps make what could have been a fairly static image jump out on the shelf. Has Lee Garbett worked for 2000AD before? It’s certainly not a name that I recognise. Not likely to be a contender for cover of the year, but a pretty good effort nonetheless.

Judge Dredd – Debris – Part 3:

The confrontation between the Judges and Sue Perkin’s block continues this week, with the Judges preparing to take down the Citi Def units by any means neccesary. Lots of action sequences in this installment, with the Judges most certainly not having everything there way. The panel where Dredd threatens to nuke the block is a particularly good one, seemingly conveying the message that no matter how well organised you are you will never be able to overcome the system. While the story is continuing to impress, the artwork seems to be a little bit rushed this week. Despite that Debris remains an excellent little story.

The Red Seas – Beautiful Freak – Part 3:

Not a lot to talk about this week, as very little actually happens in the strips five pages. If you’re going to have almost two pages of story without any dialogue then you need to have some really good art to keep the readers attention, and unfortunatly The Red Seas does not have that. Steve Yeowell’s artwork is far to simple to carry those two pages, with not a single background to be seen anywhere (and I say that as someone who actually likes Yeowell’s work on this strip). In spite of this I am still enjoying this story, and am still eagerly anticipating how this will effect Captain Jack Dancer and his crew once we return to their time.

Aquila – Blood of the Iceni – Part 3:

In total contrast to the minimalist style of Yeowell, is the highly detailed and beautifully coloured work of Leigh Gallagher on Aquila. That opening panel of Aquila and Felix walking through the countryside looks absolutly stunning. The story continues to impress as well, with the inevitable coming together of Aquila and the Roman monster drawing ever nearer. I do have one minor concern however, and that’s that Aquila and Felix seem to be very similar to Slaine and Ukko. Felix in particular seems to be a dead ringer for Ukko, both in his height and his character. However it’s still early days for the strip yet, and I’m sure the two lead characters will prove to be distinct from Slaine eventually.

The Grievous Journey of Ichabod Azrael – Manhunt – Part 6:

I’ve not been the biggest fan of this strip, but I have to admit that this weeks installment was actually pretty good reading. The story seems to be moving somewhere at last, and I imagine that if you’ve read the original Ichabod strip then the Second World War aeroplane will be of great significance. A vast improvement over previous installments in the series.

Lenny Zero – Zero’s 7 – Part 3:

Another strip that has improved greatly this week is Lenny Zero. While I have been enjoying this strip, this weeks installment is a step up from the previous two, and was the highlight of the Prog for me this week. Zero seems to have everything expertly planned out for his bank raid, even to the point where he can manipulate the Special Judicial Squad to achieve his goals. The scenes in the Mega City nightclub were excellent, although I can’t help feeling that people wouldn’t be going out clubbing in the immediate aftermath of the Day of Chaos. Also I found it very unlikely that the SJS would have been able to rebuild their headquarters so quickly, but I’m not going to let these small niggles ruin my enjoyment of what is proving to be a very fun strip indeed.


A cracking Prog this week, with even Ichabod Azrael rising to the occasion and managing to capture my interest. It would be so easy for the lineup to feel quite tired in the run up to a milestone Prog like the forthcoming Prog 1800, but instead the Prog really is firing on all cylinders right now. Zarjaz stuff indeed.

Quote of the Week: “I do not comprehend what you say, sir, but I obey nonetheless due to great confusion and terror.” – Ichabod Azrael

Thrill of the Week: Lenny Zero