Clint Langley’s artwork always seems to divide people, but I don’t think anyone would disagree with me when I say that this is an incredible cover image. It’s also a panel in the strip itself, although the strips version, while being well drawn, isn’t a patch on the cover version. A truly memorable cover.

Judge Dredd – Debris – Part 4:

As this story continues I can’t help but increasingly feel that Dredd would be able to take care of this situation on his own. He appears to be handling himself pretty well up to now, which is a lot more than can be said for the Space Corps involvement. The cliffhange at the end of this installment reveals that the non combatant is in fact the Dredd clone Dolman, something which everyone except me seemed to have allready worked out. It shall be most interesting indeed to see what they do with Dolman now he’s returned, as his decision to leave Justice Department was one which should have led to some very good follow up stories before now, seeing as he is a clone of Dredd. Debris continues to entertain and I’m enjoying reading it each week.

The Red Seas – Beautiful Freak – Part 4:

The current Red Seas story seems to be linking up with the main story at last, as Doyle’s time machine is activated and the way back to Jack Dancer’s time is now open. Having said that I would still like to see a lot more of Windsor and Newton, as they are a couple of really fun characters. I thoroughly enjoyed this weeks installment, although I do again have one slight niggle over the art. This weeks installment is set at 3AM so it should be dark outside, however the art work makes it look like its midday. Still when the story is as good as this I can overlook the artworks shortcomings.

Aquila – Blood of the Iceni – Part 4:

Not too much to say about Aquila this week, other than that it continues to impress in every department. Leigh Gallagher’s artwork just seems to get better and better every week, and really is the perfect style of art for this strip. There can’t be too many comic strips out there where the main character gets run through with a spear in only its second story. Aquila is immortal though so I’m sure he’ll be fine.

The Grievous Journey of Ichabod Azrael – Manhunt – Part 7:

Full credit to all involved on this strip, as for the second week in a row it managed to keep my interest, despite not having been very interested in the story up till now. Having the action stop in one time zone for more than one installment has deffinetly helped the flow of the strip, as previously it almost felt like we were starting a new story every week. As I said before, the image on the cover is also seen more or less the same in the strip, even though it is nowhere near as eyecatching. This isn’t intended as a critique of Dom Reardon’s artwork though, which for the most part reminds me of a far more competent version of The Red Seas artist Steve Yeowell’s work.

Lenny Zero – Zero’s 7 – Part 4:

This is just so much fun to read each week, and I was pleased to see the talking Polar Bear back in it for this installment, as I think he’s a brilliant character. However this installment will most certainly be remembered for the return of another character, none other than the “Pin Stripe Freak” himself, Max Normal. It’s not too long since I was reading some early Dredd strips with Max in them, and was wondering to myself whatever happened to him, so it is an absolute delight to see him make his return. Roll on next weeks installment.


The Prog continues it’s fantastic run of form, as we are treated to another five star line up this week. In fact it’s becoming increasingly hard to review every week, as everything is just so damn good right now. Whoever said you can have too much of a good thing?

Quote of the Week: “I’m busy – arrest each other.” – Judge Dredd

Thrill of the Week: The Red Seas