Fancy a read of the Dark Judgement comic books? Well the guys over at Everything Comes Back To 2000AD are offering the comics for free download, having previously been published in print by Zarjaz. In their own words:

“Ok, this is a TOTALLY self indulgent post, but on the plus side unlike most small press comic creator ego-wanks I’m not asking you all to kickstart my hardback, leather bound, famous creator cover, first issue of something I’m not willing to pay for myself. It’s a freebie!

The Dark Judgement comics put out by Zarjaz, which they were good enough to say we could give away as a pdf are REEEALLLY close to getting 1,000 downloads. Small potatoes I know, but for a small press guy it’s a pretty cool milestone.

So, if you haven’t downloaded it already go check it out.”

You can download the comics by clicking on the following link: