I have a real soft spot for the Rogue Trooper game. On release it was what got me into 2000AD in the first place and pretty soon after playing the game I purchased my first prog.  Rebellion’s previous attempt at a 2000AD video game (Dredd vs Death) recieved decidedly mixed reviews especially due to its short length and unfortunatly Rogue Trooper is also too short.  This is however the only real critiscism I can level at the game as everything else is spot on.

The graphics are eyecatching throughout with the wormhole in the skies of Nu Earth looking particularly great. Gameplay is always  fun although perhaps a third person shooter isn’t to everyones taste. Personally I think the game would have suffered had it been made in the more traditional first person style.  The voice acting could so easily have been a problem but it is handled very well indeed with the three Biochips all sounding distinct from each other.

The story is based on the hunt for the traitor General run of strips and does an admirable job of bringing Nu Earth to life whilst sticking close to its source material. A nice addition to the game is the unlockable encyclopedia which adds a lot of depth to the characters, weapons, vehicles, and animals that you will encounter throughout the game. Also included in the encyclopedia are actual panels taken from the Rogue Trooper strips which (along with design sketches for the game) show how true to the classic comic this game really is.

If you have never played this game before then I suggest you do so immediatly. Its admitedly short but other than that is well worth playing whether you are familiar with the strips or not. Hell even if your not familiar with 2000AD you should play this game. If it brought me to 2000AD then Im sure it can do the same for others.